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Dear Friends,

With 2020 now gone in some parts of the world we would like to welcome 2021 by wishing you a Happy New Year, and happy holidays along your family, friends and loved ones, and may the best things happen to you in the upcoming year.

We would like to thank you for being here and supporting us, either by just playing or by reporting bugs and issues with the server. 
You are our MvP’s and we would try our best to exceed your expectations.


Best Regards,

Sovereign & Cerberus!


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Hello Masonians,

We have started work to the new version of Season XVI Part 1-2.

Any issues that are not game breaking will be solved with the update.

Please be patient, and let us know what doesn't work or you think needs changing and we'll discuss about it.

To be able to finish the update in a timely manner we will dedicate our attention to the work that needs to be done. This means that our response rate may be a little bit slower, but we will solve all of your issues.

The schedule of the update date will be announced next week.


Best regards,

MasoniaMU Team

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We have fixed the master level issue, you can now get master exp from all maps.

Please aknlowedge that we have implemented a custom system for leveling as follows:

Normal level 1-400- Normal Exp

Master level 0-400- Master Exp (Q3)

Master level 401-800-Majestic Exp (Q4)

Master level will NOT be reseted at each GR, the points will stay as you have added them.

If you want to add more points to your Master Skill Tree you can buy additional ones with coins from your account panel

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Please click here to join our discord server.

We will add the link to the website also.

Best regards,

MasoniaMU Team

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