Grand Reset extra rewards
Dear players, below are the extra rewards for Grand Reset. They will be found in the account for MULAH, VIP and Harmony Pass and GremoryCase (Character Section) for the rest of items.Remember that in addition to the rewards below, you will also receive a regular reward in MULAH


Reward List
Number of
Grand Resets
Reward Count
All Muun Egg x1
1 Horn of Fenrir (Black) x1
3 Horn of Fenrir (Blue) x1
5 Horn of Fenrir (Gold) x1
7 Gold Members (in days) x2
10 Ghost Horse x1
12 Gold Members (in days) x2
15 Fire Dragon Seal x1
18 Gold Members (in days) x3
20 Wings of Angel and Devil x1
21 Jewel of Kundun x1
23 Elite Healing Potion (255) x10
25 Harmony Pass x1
26 Gold Members (in days) x4
28 Harmony Pass x1
30 Gold Fierce Lion Seal (rare) x1
32 Harmony Pass x1
34 Gold Members (in days) x5
37 Harmony Pass x1
40 Devil's Seal x1
41 Gold Members (in days) x7
43 Harmony Pass x1
45 Elite Healing Potion (255) x16
46 Harmony Pass x1
47 Elite Healing Potion (255) x16
48 Harmony Pass x1
49 Elite Healing Potion (255) x16
50 Feather of Angel’s Power x1