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Dear Masonians,

We are happy to announce that we have upgraded the server to the latest version.

  •  Changelog:

- Added Werewolf Quarel near Apostole Devin

- Changed Move List (Arena - Level 100, Kalima - Level 300) - Kalima Ticket was removed from NPC Shop

- Kundun now appear every 2 hours in Kalima (starts with 00:10 GST)

- Castle Siege Battle is now every Sunday at 15:00 GST, more details you can find on Guardsman NPC (and future game guide section)

- Arka War is now every Saturday at 15:00 GST, more details you can find on Sir Lesnar

- Server capacity was increased

- Added to main shop Elemental Rune, Spirit Powder and Jewel of Combination Frame

- Offline store for Sapphire (/offstore comand)

- Other Small fixings

Thank You ,
Your MasoniaMU Team

Posted by Support Team
16 May,2017 @ 19:56
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